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NAMI PA  Chester County  3rd  Annual Awards Presentations
December 19, 2002

SUPPORT:   Lee Golombek:    Lee has demonstrated an acumen (mental keenness & insight) and a tenacity for  'seeing the big picture' and problem solving.  He is active with the Community Support Program (CSP) on the State, Regional and County levels and participates with the Chester County Compeer Program.  Lee also promotes NAMI's Principles and Ideals and is a member of PA Mental Health Consumers Assn.

SUPPORT:      Ed McConnell:     Ed has dedicated himself to the successful collaboration between MH Consumers, Family Members and Professionals as MH/MR Administrator of Chester County from 1984 - 2001.  He is supportive of the Principles of CSP, has continued to be active on many MH/MR subcommittees and provides technical assistance to the county CST.  Ed is also a NAMI member.

SUPPORT / EDUCATION:  Matt Federici     Matt has incorporated spiritual principles into psychiatric rehabilitation, so that program participants can reach for their dreams.  He is an active member of NAMI, CSP, and COMPEER and has received state recognition from PAPSRS for his work with "Advanced Directives".  Matt has served in an administrative position of a CHIPPS CRR and currently with Vocational Rehabilitation services of CareLink, Inc.

ADVOCACY:   Catherine Scanlon      As Supervisor of case management in the past two years at the Chester County Intermediate Unit, Catherine has expanded the Behavioral Health Home and Community Services (aka Wrap Around Program), from 12 to 120 children and families - ages K - 21.  She is a tireless advocate utilizing CASSP principles.  Catherine and her staff make every effort to gain the confidence of families and help their children get the needed support and services.

RESEARCH:   M. Anjum Irfan, M.D.    Dr. Irfan is the Associate Medical Director at Community Services of Devereux (CSD) and has practiced in Chester County in different arenas of MH for 10 years.  He has earned the respect of his MH Clients by sharing the newest findings in medical research and encouraging their understanding and participation in appropriate treatment.

DEDICATION:  Alice Young    Alice is one of the founding family members of NAMI PA Chester County (aka Families Unite for Mental Health Rights) and was elected Secretary in 1983.  Her dedication to NAMI in Chester County has provided a steadfast continuum of support to changing volunteer leadership of the Board of Directors.  Alice has been responsible for keeping NAMI's records close to 20 years.

:    Heidi Hoffecker   Heidi is Director of

Intensive Case Management and Resource Coordinating Services at Community Services of Devereux.  Heidi is an ever-versatile "hands-on" administrator: trains her staff to assist consumers, linkage to services; gaining access to services; monitoring service delivery; client problem resolution; client support network building; use of community resources; assessment and service planning- all this with consumer and family inclusion using the Recovery Model.

ADVOCACY:   John Durandetta   John is Coordinator of Supported Employment at Holcomb Behavioral Health, Inc. for over 3 years.  He has been very successful developing a liaison with the business community and assisting consumers obtain employment.  John promotes the Recovery Model, encourages and enables consumers to achieve their vocational objectives.  He is also active in the Community Support Program (CSP) of Chester County.

SUPPORT  / EDUCATION:  Donna Gonzalez   Donna is Director of the Children and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) in the Dept. of MH/MR of Chester County.  She has been in the forefront of providing collaboration between providers of services for children and adolescents with a severe emotional disturbance, the family members, advocates and others involved in that system.  She is also respected for her leadership with the state CASSP.  Donna is along time member of NAMI.

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