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Many family members have no idea what is going on with a mentally ill relative and need help sorting out the multitude of mental health issues, problems and crises facing them as a family. Family-to-Family education classes give family members the tools and information they need to work with doctors, the community and their ill relative. The Family-to Family Workshops are held on 12 consecutive evenings once a week, at the Chester County Government Services Building . 610 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA 19382.

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Open to family members in need of help. You do not have to be a NAMI member to take this class. But we hope you see how invaluable being a NAMI member is and join.  Contact us for next series of classes.

12 Education Modules

1. Learning about feelings, learning about facts
2. Introduction to schizophrenia; diagnosis, critical periods
3. Introduction to depression and bipolar illness; causes and diagnosis
4. Basics about the brain
5. Problem solving skill workshop
6. Medications review
7. What it's like to be mentally ill/empathy workshop
8. Communication skills workshop
9. Relative groups and self care
10. Rehabilitation
11. Advocacy: fighting stigma and discrimination
12. Certification and celebration

~To Contact Us~

NAMI PA Chester County
P.O. Box 1102, Frazer, Pa 19355 Our Number 610-430-0177
NAMI PA 1-800-223-0500
( national hotline )
Our e-mail address is:

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