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..Its is better to light one candle than  to curse the darkness

n October 7th, NAMI Montgomery County and others in the Mental Health Community met at Building #33 on the grounds of Norristown State Hospital for their annual Candlelight vigil. This event officially commenced Mental Illness Awareness Week in Montgomery County.

The Program was Moderated by NAMI Member Ed Scolnick. Ed was recently elected as President of NAMI Montgomery County.
The Program Invocation was given by Hospital Chaplin Tony Chaplin.
Speakers included:

  • Consumer Advocate Raymond Federici, The piece he read "The Participation Parable." can be read by clicking here.
  • Greg Yeakel shared his own positive experiences in the mental health system. Greg lives and volunteers in Bryn Mayer and receives services at a local program.
  • Ruth Deming, Ruth is the director for the DMDA self-help program called " New Directions " Ruth writes poetry and encourages the talent in others in her latest publication called "KaleidOscope"
  • Parents Involved Network of Montgomery County-Samantha Fishman Director and Liz Stark, will accompanied and introduced young people who will relate their lives around Mental illness and home & etc.

Music was provided by :

  • Helen Felton, local chapter member opened the program with some piano selections.

  • Ray Naylor, performer, composer, singer. Ray works as a Social Worker for child welfare by day and over the last 20 years finds folk music to be rewarding. He has entertained on the radio and the 1997 Philadelphia Folk Festival ( Two Pictures of his performance can be seen on the top left .)

Special Thanks to the MIAW Committee for a wonderful event ( Helen, Carol, Pam, Catherine, Peg )

You Can View Other Photo's in our NAMI PA Chester County Web Photo Album.
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R. Federici
Consumer Advocate

NAMI members Doris Faust and Abe Fuchs

NAMI General meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of the Month at 1:30 PM at our  NAMI PA Montgomery County  office. Office address is on the left.